Parco Naturale Monte San Bartolo


The Natural Park of Monte San Bartolo is mainly characterized by the high coast, with cliffs that are verry rare in the Adriatic coast. The rest of the protected area is made up of the rural landscape that, until the fifties, was actively cultivated even in places unthinkable today, withhin at the limits of the sea.
The Colle San Bartolo has two distinct areas: the cliff to the sea and the inner slope.
The wall emerges from the lower beaches of the Marches as a series of undulating spurs and valleys, punctuated by sheer cliffs. The peaks that reach 200 meters, allowing a broad view of the coast and the Adriatic sea, and constitute an unusual landscape compared to the sandy shores typical of the Romagna and Marche. This geological environment shows of great interest, with fish fossils and rare gypsum crystals. At the base of the hill runs a narrow beach of gravel and pebbles, formed by the demolition and by the collapse of the walls above.
The rural landscape that can be seen in the section that slopes gently toward the StradaAdriatica, conveys a sense of harmony, a kind of straw and pleasant life among the cultivated fields, abandoned fields renaturalized and rows of trees and hedges.

Reachabel from Villa Moni in 15 minutes by car, it is a corner of paradise rich in history, with small villages perched over the sea as Fiorenzuola di Focara , paths that descend to the sea and plenty of restaurants, most of them with sea view, where you can taste the typical cuisine of Pesaro.

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