Rossini Opera Festival

ROF ~ XXXIV Edition 10th ~ 23rd August 2013

The Rossini Opera festival is a music festival since 1980 that is held annually In August in Pesaro Rossini’s birthplace. It is considered one of the most important International events of the Lyric Opera. Gioacchino Rossini has ranged through various Musical genres, but is best known as one of the great opera composers in history, famous And celebrated author of works such as The Barber of Seville, The Italien girl in Algier and William Tell.

It is titled in his name the conservatory of music G. Rossini among the most ancient Italien conservatories. Headquarter of the institute is from the beginning of the eighties and nineteenth century Palazzo Olivieri a prestigious building with elegant rooms decorated with frescoes by the painter Gianandrea Lazzarini (1710-1801) In Via Rossini you can visit his birthplace, the ancient manor house dating back to the fifteenth century where Gioacchino Rossini was born on 29 February 1792 and spent the first years of life with His family. Today the house is a museum declared a national monument in 1904.

The 2013 edition of the ROF will be held in August 10 to 23 and will present the works Guillaume Tell ,The Italien Girl in Algier, Opportunity makes the thief and La donna del lago.

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