Urbino is one of the most important centers of the Italian Renaissance, which still preserves full advantage of the architectural heritage, since 1998 the old town is a UNESCO World Heritage.

The district covers mainly hilly area, on the last offshoots of the Northern Apennines, the Tuscan-Romagnolo Apennines, in the southern area of Montefeltro and can be reached from Villa Moni in 40 minutes by car, covering 36km.

Urbino is a summit of art and architecture of the Renaissance, is harmoniously adapted to the landscape and fused exceptionally well with the existing medieval structures. There are numerous places to visit, The House of Raphael, The Cathedral, The former Monastery of St. Clare, and of course the Palazzo Ducale, very well known and visited, is one of the most interesting architectural and artistic examples of the entire Italian Renaissance. The palace is headquarters of the National Gallery of the Marche, and is characteristic for the turrets that surround the rear part.

There are several local restaurants to be found in the narrow streets of the City, as so many surprises awaiting to be discovered in Urbino.

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