Week-end Gastronomici

Weekend Gourmet Fall 2013

From September 15 the return gastronomic weekends for the period fall 2013. Routes in the hinterland of the Province of Pesaro and Urbino and Montefeltro.
Relationship between quality and price is what they claim customers and it is what ensures the Week End Gastronomic who tend to pursue the offer of a good menu at a price that is more than appropriate rather than promotional.
Some might even argue that the word “gourmet” is a bit ‘too. But you just go back to the birth of this successful initiative (30 years ago) when the supply hinterland had become single-issue and was only able to make noodles and mixed grill, to understand that today’s Week End Gastronomic have fulfilled their function to awaken the pride and professionalism of many operators.

The location of Villa Moni allows you to have at hand the different places where you place the food events, a few miles from the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčMotefeltro and villages protagonists, by inserting in the right context.

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